Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calebs Hair...

Today should be our last day 'stuck' at home due to the weather...So I decided that I would post about Calebs hair. After adopting a biracial child, we are learning that there are ALOT of people who want to give you all sorts of advice about hair and skin stuff, even if your just in line at Target. His hair gains us alot of attention, his skin is so light that his hair is about the only give away that he was adopted. We think this summer he will get a little darker color.
We LOVE his curls and have decided to let it get long, at least for a boy. It is already past his shoulders when you pull out the curls. However he is usually not too happy when its time to 'fix' his hair in the morning. I have learned that cartoons help him stand still enough to pick it out and put product in it.
After MUCH searching we finally found some products that smell good, but not like little girls, and that are not too heavy for his hair. It is actually fine and not very corse. We use a product called 'Blended Beauty'. We use the satin style detangler and curly cake shake. Here are a few morning shots of Mr. Crazy hair while having breakfast and then one of him with it looking cute after he has had it fixed.

Caleb is SUCH a happy boy, we love learning all about his hair and have fun trying new things with it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A cold day in January

Other than that we have just been hanging out at home trying to stay warm! One last picture for today, I walked into the living room yesterday and this is what I saw, my two boys cuddled up on the couch. Caleb put his arm around Brandon all by sweet!

Okay so today is a REALLY cold day outside with lots of ice and sleet! So we are hanging out at home, we took a few pics on the front porch so we could remember how cold it was

We have also been getting ready for the superbowl next sunday, the Steelers are Brandons all time favorite NFL team, so I went online and got a few suprises to help cheer on sunday, the first came in the mail yesterday. The weather was so bad that Daddy got the mail and Caleb helped open the first of two suprises...Terrible Towels and a Terrible Toddler Towel.