Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On top of the world...or at least Chicago...

We have had no rest for the weary, the week after all the wedding and birthday excitement we went to Chicago with my parents for the National Vending convention. It was alot of fun but it was a quick trip with alot of time in the car. We left Thursday and drove the whole way, Caleb did good so that was a huge blessing. Friday morning we went to the convention it was at the Navy Pier. It was alot of fun, with lots of information and free vending goodies. Caleb was the hit of all the exhibitors. After our walk through the convention center we walked along the navy Pier and then took a bus tour of Chicago. It was fun, the first picture is taken from the top of the Sears Tower (the tallest bldg in the US, and tallest 'structure' in the world) We are standing in a glass box outside the bldg looking was 'interesting' being 110 floors up and stepping out on to GLASS!

These pictures are out of order but for some reason I cant get them to move, oh well...After the bus tour we went back to the hotel and got up Sat morning and drove to the St Louis arch. Brandon had never been there so we were excited to get to look around there and go to the top. Caleb had his first taste of Rock Candy courtesy of Gran, he loved it. We spent the night then got up and headed the rest of the way home on Sunday. All in all its been a busy few weeks but lots of memories made and fun had!
Rock Candy at the Arch

Caleb looking out the window at the train

Our beautiful baby boy who turned two

Feeding the birds in Chicago

So Serious
The Chicago Skyline Daddy and Caleb

Facts about Caleb...

1. He is the absolute cutest kid I have ever seen! And the happiest for that matter, this picture was taken on his actual 2nd birthday!

2. He loves playing soccer...well he loves to play with the other kids, he doesn't 'get it' but that doesn't matter to Caleb, he has a great time!

3. He loves to sweep. Period. End of story. This lil guy LOVES to sweep, or watch other people sweep, at restaurants, it doesn't matter, he just loves it, and now he even tries to mop. On our Disney trip last a few months ago, the highlight of Calebs day was watching the guy who was cleaning up the rainwater using a rubber mop thing. For his first birthday someone actually brought a broom for him. That was his favorite gift and over a year later he still loves to sweep. In these pics he has now figured out if there isn't anything to sweep....what do you do? You give yourself something to sweep by dumping your cereal on the floor. And then proceed to get the broom and dustpan and clean it up.

4. He loves to travel and GO! We recently had to go to Chicago for a national vending convention to look at new products and machines. It was a very long weekend in the car but Caleb did great in the car again, as long as he could watch Finding Nemo, or Memo as he calls it (his current favorite movie). And I totally cut all his hair off last week. This picture kinda shows how much shorter it is than it used to be, I love it, it makes him look so big now!

5. He LOVES trains! I am really not sure where the train obsession came from but he has it. He loves Thomas the train. That is one of the few shows that he usually watches daily. About a month ago we were driving in Norman and we got stopped by a train, Brandon pulled into a parking lot so Caleb could have a better view. He loved it as we knew he would, AND when it was gone he started saying 'WAIT WAIT TOOT TOOT' he was in no way ready for it to be gone. Then he buried his face in his hands and started fake crying. We couldn't help but laugh.
Anytime we drive over RR tracks he says toot toot or even come close to seeing a train he is the first to spot it. We were in the top of the St Louis Arch and what did Caleb see out the window? A toot toot and the tears did flow when we had to go back down to the ground. He got to ride a little thomas the train while in Chicago and you couldn't wipe the grin from his face. It was priceless. My parents get a chanel on their TV that is nothing but trains, old trains new trains you name it (I had no idea such a channel existed but I guess it does) Caleb will sit their guled to the TV as long as we let him and when one happens to go off the screen, he goes around to the back to see where it went of course.

(looking at the train out the window)

Caleb is around 31 lbs and is totally potty trained, he has been for a while now. He loves life and makes us so happy every day. Brandon and I are honored to be his parents and are loving the adventure of raising such a cute lil guy who is very active!

A big boy bed...

Let the fun begin...So about a month ago Caleb decided in the middle of the night that he would try his hand and getting out of his crib. I am actually surprised that it took him so long. He climbs on absolutely everything and anything that looks like fun, so when he got out, I wasn't surprised just scared half to death.

My parents had given us a toddler bed that they found at a garage sale at a good price that was a light color wood, I had planned on making him a 'toot toot' bed, otherwise know as a 'train' bed. But I had not gotten around to painting it, so the day after his escape I got to work, its painted Thomas the train blue. It was too funny, when Caleb came out in the garage to see what I had been doing he said...'toot toot nite nite'. He knew what it was going to be before I even put any trains on it. And while it is still not totally complete it is enough for him to sleep in it. He is getting better and better about staying IN it. Any tips on keeping little ones in bed would be greatly appreciated!!

Schedule of Events...

So the busy week was VERY busy. Wednesday was spent doing some vending machines and getting ahead on all of those since we would be taking a few days off due to the wedding and birthday party. The rehearsal dinner was scheduled to be at my house Thursday evening, so Wednesday night and Thursday were spent cleaning everything...sometimes easier said than done with a two year old underfoot! Anyway, Thursday was the rehearsal and it went well, Caleb did good walking, or should I say running down the aisle. Then it was time for the dinner, we had 20 something people at my house for the dinner, it was cozy to say the least. It was a good night and early to bed for Caleb he had a busy weekend ahead.

Friday morning the fun started and I spent the whole day getting pampered, manicure, pedicure and hair done. Brandon was in charge of the little man they were going to pick up his dads birthday gift and to pick up Caleb's cake for the party on Saturday in Edmond.

Friday night was the wedding, it was beautiful. The funniest thing was Brandon was showing Caleb again where he was going to 'walk' down the aisle to me and they had decorated overnight and there were rose petals leading to the alter...Caleb said as soon as he saw it....UH-OHH!!! He just knew some one was going to get in trouble for throwing all those flowers everywhere...he's too cute! When it was his turn, Brandon told him to run to mommy...and he did just that. He got down the aisle a few steps and dropped his pillow, so he turned around went back and got it and brought it to me then turned around and went to sit down. My biggest concern was that he would stop and 'visit' on the way down, he is very social and loves to meet new people. So I was relieved after his part was over. The reception was great too, they had music and Caleb danced his lil heart out. I cant wait to get the pictures that were taken that night he was too cute! On a side note, Brandon got asked to dance that was all children out there having fun until my 3 yr old niece decided Brandon looked like a good dance partner, he was a good sport about it!

The next morning was bright and early to Calebs soccer game. He was SO tired we should have just stayed home, its mostly just chase the ball and he usually enjoys it but that morning he was just so tired...oh well, his cousin Emily and Aunt Kelley and Uncle Chad came to watch with Brandons parents so we gave it a shot. It ended early because it started raining which was actually a relief. We came home and started to get ready for the indoor party that was originally supposed to be outdoors. Then we had the was alot of fun, after everyone left, we ALL 3 crashed for nap time (at 4:30 pm...better late than never). So that was our busy weekend in a nutshell! More posts with pictures on the way...

2nd Birthday Party

We planned his party for the park but it ended up raining all morning so at the last minute we changed to our house! Calebs second birthday party was alot of fun, even though we were tired from my sisters wedding the night before, it was neat to have some extra family from out of state to come since they were in town. This is the first year that he actually 'opened' most of his gifts, however it does still hold true that the bag/box/wrapping paper is more fun than the actual gift! It was a Thomas the Train party complete with a cake that looked very much like Thomas the Train. Caleb loved eating the 'coal' (pure sugar)! Anyway thanks to all the family and friends that helped make his party special! He had a great time!

(This is hard to read but it says happy birthday!)

Caleb enjoying some cake with his cousin Emily and Bree Ann

Monday, September 14, 2009

A busy week!

This week is super crazy for us, actually this month is...during this week my sister is getting married, the rehearsal dinner is at my house, Caleb has a soccer game, and his 2nd birthday party is this weekend! Thats a fun week we are going to Chicago for a Vending convention and it is actually Calebs birthday! Not to mention other birthdays this month, it is Jacob (my sisters fiance), Brandons, Calebs, and PaPa's (Brandons dad). So we are having lots of other celebrations too!!

Caleb had is first soccer game last weekend. He had a BLAST! He didnt exactly stay on the field the whole time but he had fun! A few times he stopped chasing the ball and all the other kids and was waving to all the other grandparents who were waving at their grandchildren. He has no clue that not everyone there is there to watch him! They were laughing at him and waving right back at that point! He is usually the center of attention! I will post some pictures soon after I get them downloaded.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!

Today is Brandons 30th birthday! We are enjoying a relaxing day as a family. After church we came home and just hung around the house all afternoon, tonight I am making dinner for him and we are having cookies and ice creme! Friday we started the birthday celebration by going out to dinner while my parents watched Caleb. We got to go to PF Changs...very yummy!! Then Saturday we went to the OSU vs GA game with Brandons parents! A great game, OSU did very well!! It was a long day starting at 7:30 am when we left the house and not getting home until after 9:30 pm after meeting my parents to pick up Caleb! All in all a good weekend, but glad its not over yet and tomorrow is a holiday and we can continue to recover from yesterday! We must be getting old!!