Sunday, August 30, 2009

Gran and Gramps bring a suprise!!!

A few days ago Gran and Gramps (my parents) brought Caleb a suprise! My Grandpa was very handy and creative when I was Calebs age...a LONG time ago. He made lots of things for us as children. He made the cradle that I slept in as an infant, and that my brother and sister and Caleb and lots of other foster babies have spent their firsts nights at home in! He also made among many other things, a table and chairs just our size! I ate countless lunches at this table with my brother and sister. Caleb loves this independence of having something his size that he can sit and have lunch at, play at, color at, drive his toot toots on ect. He has really enjoyed this table and I am sure he will for a long time to come. I am thankful for the memories that I have at this table and am sure Caleb will build lots of his own memories there too!

He is so funny, he posed for me to take this picture and kept his spoon just like that in his mouth for several pictures, he is such a cutie!

Visit with someone special!

A visit with Megan, Brandon and Cayla! It was very exciting a few weeks ago for Megan and her family to come and visit us at our house!! Caleb was super excited to get to play with Cayla and Maddison (Aunt Brittany and her baby Maddison came too)! It was a full house! Caleb liked playing with the two little girls and getting into all their things...diaper bags, car seats, ect...basically anything he wasnt supposed to have, but that goes with the territory of being almost two!

Its crazy to think that two years ago at this time we were meeting Megan for the first time. We are so blessed to know her and continue a relationship with her. Caleb and Cayla look alot alike, baby pics are very similar! Here are a few more pics from that night, Caleb loved to give Cayla kisses, even though we didnt catch him in the act on camera, maybe next time! They brought Caleb a Thomas book and train, Calebs all time favorite for a while now are 'toot toots' as he calls the trains. Its a big boy book with real paper pages, he hasnt even torn it up yet which is a record! Brandon is reading it to him for the first time in one picture, he loves books and trains so its the best of both worlds!!!

All in all it was a great visit, we hope to get to see them agian soon!