Monday, December 28, 2009

A visit with Momma Megan!

A few days before Christmas we met Calebs birthmom Megan and her sister Brittany and their two baby girls Maddie and Cayla for dinner at Chilis. We had a great visit, its been a while since we have seen Cayla and Maddie (both around 9 months old) they are now old enough to interact with Caleb a little more than last time! We enjoyed our time spent with them all and are planning on seeing them again in about a week to get to see Megans extended family too!

eating the ranch of Megans corn...yummy
just having a lil talk with sister Cayla

not looking at the camera for anything!

everyone but Brandon who took the picture

Toddler Projects!

The other day I walked into the kitchen and found this....

A whole box of corn starch in the floor!!

A little boy who tried to clean up his mess before he got caught!

A little boy who 'painted' with the corn starch on the dishwasher!
A little boy who thoroughly enjoyed himself!
SO today I did this...
I let his drive his hot wheels in flour on a cookie sheet! He had SO much fun he played in this one spot for over an hour and if you have met Caleb you know thats impressive!

He loved it and so did I!

Holiday Fun!

A few weeks ago we went to Chickasha to the Festival of Light! This was the first year Caleb has actually enjoyed it! It is something that I have done every year since its start (15 years ago I think). I have lots of memories while in High School of helping to put up the million plus lights to help get ready for it every year. Anyway this year we went with Batista and her son Reeve who is a few months older than Caleb. We all had a blast! It was the perfect evening about 55 degrees so we didn't freeze and we were able to walk around and enjoy the lights. Here are a few pictures from that night.

Its hard to see but the boys are holding hands (their own idea)

On the bridge

Caleb loves this hat!

Making a gift for Momma Megan!

Serious work!
This was a fun gift idea that someone gave me, We got mugs from Hobby Lobby that are okay to draw on with special markers. So for part of Momma Megans gift this year we let Caleb draw on a mug for her. All you do is draw and let dry no baking required! It was alot of fun to do with Caleb.
We also went to visit Santa this year again. Caleb still doesn't 'get it' but he does say HO HO HO every time you say Santa. Anyway he did great as usual! He has never met a stranger and was fine with Santa, he smiled at him and talked to him...but when he looked at the camera he just got this blank look on his face and then looked back at Santa and smiled. So his picture looks like he is bored, which I guess he was when we made him look at the camera and not Santa!
His favorite song for the season is Jingle Bells, or Mingle Bells as he sings it! He definitely has the tune down even if some of the words are missing!

The month of December has been lots of fun and has kept us busy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

little hands

(so excited)

(I love these little hands)

Our little guy loves baseball now. Brandon was flipping through the channels and stopped (on accident) on the MLB channel. It was a world series from like 1976, in black and white. Caleb was glued to it for over 30 minutes. We thought it was a fluke, but anytime we put baseball on tv he watches it very closely. He will use anything as a bat, a hairbrush, stick, anything at all that he can find. He is quite talented too! We were playing outside a few days ago and Brandon started throwing him the ball, he hit it out of the air 3 times in a row before I made him come it (it was getting cold and it was time for dinner).

A Day in the Life...

Caleb is growing so much every day, I cant believe that is getting so big! He is getting into EVERYTHING! He is now tall enough to reach on kitchen counters without standing on anything, and able to get into any drawer he wants and actually see in it and get out whatever might be in there that looks like fun. So baby proofing has reached a whole new level. He has been talented enough for quite sometime to get into cabinets and drawers, locks don't work anymore so we are trying to get creative. He is also now aware that when he is doing something that he shouldn't be he tries to be super quiet, or he will just shut the door so I cant see him. So noise is my new best friend, if I can hear him chances are he is not getting into anything that will hurt him! Here are a few pics from him just playing in his room...IN his toy box, fun times!

Our pictures...

(off to find the mud...)

A few people have asked who took our pictures, it was AshleyO Photos out of Edmond OK. We went to the Dental Depot in Edmond for some and then to a park. The Dental Depot is where the train was a HUGE hit with Caleb, only problem was he was much more interested in looking at the train than the camera. The day we went was Halloween, a beautiful day outside but it had rained a few days before, and of course in true 2 year old fashion, Caleb found the mud! You cant see it in the picture but he had mud ALL over his pants and hands and shirt, so we cleaned as best we could and continued to the park and got some more pictures.

This is one of my favorite pictures, its very 'Caleb' serious and studying the branch. All in all we think she did a great job taking our pictures and capturing our lil guy! Her website is