Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our pictures...

(off to find the mud...)

A few people have asked who took our pictures, it was AshleyO Photos out of Edmond OK. We went to the Dental Depot in Edmond for some and then to a park. The Dental Depot is where the train was a HUGE hit with Caleb, only problem was he was much more interested in looking at the train than the camera. The day we went was Halloween, a beautiful day outside but it had rained a few days before, and of course in true 2 year old fashion, Caleb found the mud! You cant see it in the picture but he had mud ALL over his pants and hands and shirt, so we cleaned as best we could and continued to the park and got some more pictures.

This is one of my favorite pictures, its very 'Caleb' serious and studying the branch. All in all we think she did a great job taking our pictures and capturing our lil guy! Her website is

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