Friday, May 15, 2009

Family Vacation!

This is the first of many many pictures to come! We were gone almost 2 weeks and were in the car a grand total of almost 2800 miles. Caleb did not cry one single time because of being in the car or having to get into the car! I was so proud of how good he did, (that is not to say we didnt have any early terrible two moments but not many of those either!) This picture is at a plantation house we visited while staying with my cousin who lives in Baton Rouge LA. We had a blast, we left of May 11th and drove to Baton Rouge and stayed until early (4 AM) Thursday. Then we headed to Orlando and met his sister and her family and the Disney portion of our trip started! We stayed there until the next Thursday when we went back for a break in the driving to Baton Rouge again and then left and finally made it home Sunday night! We are exhausted but it was an awesome trip. Caleb will not remember any of it but we did it before Brandons sister moved from GA where her husband is stationed in the Air Force. Next month they are moving to New Mexico for three years.

Here are a few more pictures and more to come soon!