Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trying to stay cool...

Caleb loves to be outside, so one day daddy brought home a suprise and blew it up for us. Caleb loves swimming and since we dont have a big pool, his little one does just fine most days. Caleb loves to help fill it up every couple of days and doesnt mind it being cold water either. He will play outside as long as I let him it is by far his favorite thing to be doing. Here are a few pics of him playing in the backyard.

On a side note we are loving Calebs curls right now, his hair has finally gotten a little thicker. We think it is too cute! Not his favorite part of getting ready for the day but it doesnt take too long to pick it out and put product in it. It is very long and goes to below his shoulder blades when it is wet...He wouldn't sit still for a good picture, I guess that goes with him getting older.

Enjoying the Rain

This morning we woke up to rain at about 6:30 when Caleb decided it was time to get up! Daddy went outside to get something and Caleb was right behind him. He sat down on the step and just enjoyed watching the rain. It was too cute! Then he had to 'show' us where the rain was. He is getting so big!

Friday, June 26, 2009