Saturday, April 25, 2009

19 Months old!

Wow, time goes by so fast. Caleb is 19 months old today! Recently we have been spending alot of time outside. Caleb loves to play outside, and honestly it doesn't even have to involve toys or anything special. He loves just to run or walk in the grass (with his shoes on of course, he's not so into the prickly grass). He weighs 29 lbs...he is getting very heavy to carry around! He still does not talk much he just says momma, daddy, bite, bye, c-ya, and no no! He says ALOT more than that, its just that we don't yet speak 'his language'. Maybe one day soon he will start to learn 'our language'. He now eats anything that you put in front of him. He has never been a picky eater (hence the 29 lbs). His favorite this month was spaghetti and meat balls. Caleb took swim lessons with me this month. He loves being in the water and is learning how to kick and paddle. We are looking forward to this summer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Today Caleb and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and played in the front yard. He had fun on his slide and he got to draw with chalk for the first time. He loved the chalk, he drew on everything from mommys leg to the tree to the bushes and then finally the sidewalk a little bit. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meeting baby Cayla!

This happend last month...but I am just now getting around to putting pictures on here. Megan (Calebs birthmom) had a baby girl Cayla in March, so she asked us to come and meet Cayla and let her see Caleb while she was in the hospital. After all the trouble with her having Caleb she knew she would have a C-Section so we knew the day that we would be meeting Cayla, so we loaded up Caleb and took him to see momma Megan and baby Cayla and Brandon (Cayla's father). It was awesome to meet her and hold her, it brought back alot of memories of being there 18 months ago with Caleb. Caleb was his normal self running 90 mph the whole time, we tried to get some pictures but as you will see we were not very successful! We love Megan and Brandon so much and were super excited to help them welcome Cayla into the world. We are planning on seeing them again soon, we cant wait!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter a trip to Branson MO

Two weekends ago we went on a trip with my parents to Branson MO. It was good to be able to test out how Caleb would do in the car for 5 hours because in about a month we are headed on a LONG trip to Orlando! Caleb did great in the car (that could have something to do with the fact that mommy and daddy were in the back with him...). Anyway he did great on the whole trip. We went to see the Musical Noah a show done by Sight and Sound. It was awesome! I would highly recommend it to anyone, not a long drive and very entertaining, Caleb liked it too. There were not a lot of people there so that worked out great he could kinda do his own thing in the back while watching. He loved seeing all the live animals there and the music he liked to dance to!

We also 'Rode the Duck' I had no idea what this ment until we were doing it but Brandons Grandma insisted that we do it...come to find out I did it as a baby with my parents as well. Basically its a military vehicle that drives on the road and will become a boat if you go into the water. So you get on in town and they drive you out to the lake and you get to float around the lake for a while and you drive back. It was really interesting and fun. Caleb enjoyed himself until he fell asleep about halfway through. We will have to go back and let him do it again.

Last weekend was easter, we spent easter day with my family and the day before with Brandons family. Here is a pic from Easter morning so handsome!!!